"Learn How to Use Your iPod and iTunes,
by Watching Step-by-Step User Guide"

Download iPod Manuals for All Models

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn
in the iTunes Guide section:

  • How to install iTunes
  • How to import mp3 files to iTunes
  • How to import CDs to iTunes
  • How to open an iTunes store account
  • How to browse and search your iTunes store
  • How to buy content on the iTunes store
  • How to play music, videos and radio stations on iTunes
  • How to create and use playlists
  • What happens when you connect your iPod for the first time
  • How to connect your iPod to your computer
  • How to automatically sync (move content) your iPod and your iTunes library
  • How to manually add content to your iPod
  • How to update your iPod software (in case you need to)
  • and more...

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn
in the iPod section:

  • How to connect your iPod to your Computer
  • How to play music on your iPod
  • How to Control your iPod when it's open and when it's locked
  • How to use Coverflow
  • How to play Podcasts and Audiobooks
  • How to use the "On the GO" Playlist
  • How to Play Videos
  • How to Delete Videos
  • How to view Photos
  • How to view a slideshow
  • How to control various settings
  • How to safely use the Volume limit feature
  • How to use the clickwheel (on the iPod Nano and Classic)
  • How to use the search feature (on the iPod Nano and Classic)
  • How to connect to the internet (on the iPod Touch)
  • How to use Safari - Browsing, Pinching, Bookmarks and History (On the iPod touch)
  • How to watch youTube (on the iPod Touch)
  • And Basic troubleshooting... what to do when things go wrong...

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